How are we helping?

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Hurricane Laura has undoubtedly decimated Southwest Louisiana/East Texas and the immediate need is food, water, supplies, and saving lives. However, the rebuilding process will begin shortly and we want to be in a position to help as needed. In addition to running our non-profit, we also have an integration company ourselves and know plenty of churches that have upgraded who may have old equipment laying around that is still functional. We are currently seeking equipment donations from businesses, churches, and individuals that may have older equipment that can be used and donated to churches in need as they begin to rebuild from Hurricane Laura. Simply put, we want to be a connection point to facilitate needs with donations. We may not even be able to receive the equipment physically but if we know someone who has a donation and someone who has a need, we want to connect them. We can’t guarantee every need can be met but if anyone out there has equipment they want to donate, we are going to make sure it finds a use at a ministry affected by Hurricane Laura.

In addition, as the rebuilding process takes place, if any churches need someone to review quotes etc and act as a consultant, we will try to accommodate the number of requests we can handle. We are also looking for honest integrators we can partner with to help facilitate any requests that are willing to donate time or resources or point churches to in the event they do not have someone they can trust.

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