Background and Consulting:

Church Media Central was birthed in the hearts of its founders in the early 90’s as a for-profit company offering IT software solutions to churches.  It has evolved into a non-profit ministry that has grown and expanded to encompass all things IT and media related as well as a consulting arm to help churches make the best decisions on technology purchases for size, budget, and church goals.  Church Media Central is connecting with a team of consultants around the country that volunteer time to review proposals, software purchases and give recommendations on approved integrators that will keep ministry the focus.  We utilize the expertise of integrators who have a heart for ministry and will keep budget and quality in mind while also understanding your needs.  Church Media Central does not market or sell specific equipment or brands rather we offer an objective opinion based on years of integration knowledge and our team of consultants that will help you make the best decisions based on your current situation all while offering this completely free of charge.  If you just want a review of proposals you have received, we can review them and tell you best points about each or we can help you in designing your system and also provide you with a list of integrators we trust to help you and have your best interest in mind.  All of our services are offered free of charge (donations welcome but not necessary).

Missions Focus:

Church Media Central aims to always give back to ministries that truly are in need.  If you have been involved in church for any length of time, you are probably familiar with medical mission’s trips where doctors and nurses volunteer their time to go to another country for medical needs.  We will be organizing “Media Missions” trips where integrators can join us for a missions trip to help outfit ministries and organizations with technology totally free to the receiving party.

IT and Media Donations:

Church Media Central is very good at teaching you how to leverage businesses in your community to receive donations of older but still usable equipment.  We act as a broker of sorts for churches and ministries to submit technology requests, then find businesses in your area willing to donate that equipment to you and your team.  We have had donations as small as iPads or computers all the way up to servers and routers.  If you receive a donation and are unsure how to best implement (think campus wide WiFi solution) we have approved companies that can do the installation for free and bill Church Media Central so your installation is free as well.

Project Management:

Often times during a new building project or database integration, churches may not have the technical know how and knowledge to facilitate the process or do not know what questions to be asking to ensure a
smooth project.  Church Media Central can be your go to consultant for managing larger projects freeing up members of your staff to focus on what they do best while allowing us to do what we do best.  We know how to talk to integrators and designers to help you get the most out of your system and best value for the budget you have.  One issue we have seen ministries run into time and time again is not knowing how to effectively spend the budget dollars they have.  We will structure a plan for you of how best to spend your dollars based on the budget you have.  This is a great way to ensure you are getting maximum value and also having scalability in mind.

Equipment and Monetary Donations:

Church Media Central accepts donations of any slightly used equipment to be refurbished by us and put into inventory to meet the needs that come in completely free of charge to the ministry requesting it.  We also receive monetary donations that are used to pay for minor things such as travel and office expenses all the way up to financing an equipment purchase and install for a ministry in need.  We also use this money to facilitate the “Media Missions Trips” to offer a low cost or no cost option to any integrators that are willing to travel with us.

Training and Assessments:

Have you ever wanted a second set of eyes on what you are currently doing or someone to evaluate your processes?  We cover this from every angle from accounting process to new-hire onboarding, to A/V workflow and online streaming, all the way to website and social media integrations.  We are developing a team of QUALIFIED technicians that we interview and certify as approved trainers and consultants.  If you want a “secret shopper” to visit your church and provide you with recommendations from a new-comer perspective, we can facilitate that request.  If you need a sound technician or Pro Presenter expert to come train your volunteers, we can help provide you with certified people in your area.  If travel will be required, often times we can pick up the cost of travel and it is totally free to the ministry.  We want to serve as a conduit of sorts to funnel resources to the ministries that need it.


Church Media Central’s founders are ministry minded and have integration experience.  We also serve at our local churches and experience the strain of resources.  We know ministries can use technology in better ways to help enhance ministry and we are always looking for like-minded individuals from around the country to join our consulting team.  Our goal is to compensate you for time when able based on donations that come in but also to utilize your expertise to help churches that may not be able to afford consulting services normally.  Many times churches try to install equipment without proper rigging knowledge because they don’t have the budget to hire someone professionally.  That’s where you would come in.  You would be their assigned consultant and Church Media Central could pay for your time and expertise even if the church couldn’t afford it.  This will ensure things are done properly and safely.  We know the integration and business side and surely do not want anyone working for free but we want it to be free to the ministry.  We will work on donations and figuring out how to fund projects so the church or ministry doesn’t have to.  If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for us, please fill out the Become an Ambassador Form.