What birthed the idea of Church Media Central?

When someone asks me why I felt compelled to start Church Media Central, my answer always revolves around two things, 1) the love and passion I have for churches and technology and 2) my dad who instilled that love in me.  My dad was always involved in church and technology for as long as I remember.  While I was too young to personally remember, he used to run sound at our church in Berwick, LA when I was a toddler.  When we moved to Lafayette, LA in 1986, he still was involved in sound and video at the various churches we attended.  He was very instrumental in starting the television ministry at Crossroads Church in Lafayette, LA and that is where I remember my love for all things media being birthed.  I learned sound, production, video, and projection skills there that have proved invaluable to me to this day.  I will never forget the days of us learning things together, trying new things, and breaking things only to figure out how to fix them.

On July 8th, 2015 my dad was ushered into heaven in an unexpected car accident that took his life.  The circumstances surrounding his death caused me to really evaluate my life and contribution to ministry.  What better way to honor my dad and his legacy than to help other churches in the passion and ministry that he was involved with?  Church Media Central has evolved to something bigger than we realized and meeting a greater need than first thought.  The tools available to churches are plenty but the knowledge and skills to implement are sometimes hard to attain.  As someone who not only is passionate about ministry and the technology industry, I have also built my business and my own ministry surrounding technology and in honor of my dad who birthed this passion in me, we began the process of launching Church Media Central.

About Paul Mancuso

Paul Mancuso has a passion for helping others through the use of technology.  His mission in business, as in life, is to empower people to become their very best.  And when people and organizations take advantage of the ever-changing landscape of technology, with increased efficiency and cost-saving measures, they can’t help but find themselves better.

Paul has been active in the broad world of IT for his entire career.  In the 1990’s, he and his business partners (Steve Schaaf and Micah Willis) started Computer F/x (originally named Church Media Central) with the goal of helping churches to utilize technology to enhance their ministries.  In late 1999, they began the conceptualization and development of products geared toward churches with their end users in mind.  To date, Computer F/x has maintained a successful core group of customers for whom they serve as their “IT Department” – several of which are some of the largest churches in the Acadiana area.  Overall, they support more than 500 computers and 20 servers.  In addition to his work through Computer F/x, Paul also served as the System Administrator for Francis Drilling Fluids, supporting over 300 computers and 15 servers and overseeing the entire network including phone system integration.

Paul excels in the field of network and systems integration, as well as managing corporate networks.  He specializes in finding better, more efficient, and more creative ways of accomplishing goals, which frequently also prove to be more cost-effective.  Clients rely heavily upon Paul’s problem-solving skills, which are oftentimes superior because of his composite experience in such a wide range of fields.  Because Paul possesses such an extensive scope of knowledge in various areas of technology, he is often able to make recommendations for using technology more to the organization’s advantage, and can assist in developing new systems when the need arises.

Paul is passionate about the fast-paced changes in the IT world.  “I love the industry because you can never stop learning.  If you stop learning, your career is effectively over.”  Paul is extremely motivated by the challenge of helping to redirect the course of an organization through the proper use of technology, and he takes great satisfaction in helping them save money in the process.

In addition to all of the good he brings to the IT aspects of organizations, Paul is also an irreplaceable treasure to his church and spiritual family.  He and his wife, Misty, have been married for nearly 12 years, and have two beautiful sons (Landon is 10, and Greyson is 4 years).   Paul was raised in church from a very early age, and having a heart for the house of God is a value he is working to instill in his children as well.

It does not require spending very much time in Paul’s presence, before you realize that God and people matter the most to him.  He never passes up the opportunity to help others, and his wife and children mean the world to him.  He selflessly goes out of his way to serve those in need, and because of his heart for others, the integrity with which he conducts every aspect of his life, and the wealth of knowledge and experience he brings to the table, any organization will be privileged to partner with him in their endeavors.